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Date: 9 October 21
Duration2020 - 2022

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Gatwick Station Project (GSP)

Brief Description of Contract: The Gatwick Station Project (GSP) is a station capacity upgrade project that aims to improve and reduce congestion at both concourse and platform levels and to improve the passenger congestion and experience at the station. OSL are contracted to plan (Including PPS inputs / haulage via NROL) P6 programme and complete the ‘Railway Systems’ package as part of the wider Brighton Main Line Scheme. The work is; Track, Signalling (including interlocking (SMARTlock under our licence agreement with Alstom including in house Testers in Charge (TiC))) E&P/ETE. The Design and Build (NEC3 Option A contract for; Grip 5-8 Design and Build and Commission (Including Entry into Service (EiS) stages detailed below and handover and Supply Chain Operations (SCO)into maintenance. Extra current varied scope includes re-feeding the slow lines including optioneering, staging and detail design for a 7 road ‘open cut’ complex – Under Track X-ing (UTX);

Enabling Works Stage 1: Essential Low Voltage (LV), High Voltage (HV) and signal power cable diversion works – successfully delivered May 2020.

Enabling Works Stage 2: Test pile locations cleared of obstructions and sleeved – successfully delivered in Feb 2020

Stage 1: Decommission Platform 6 – planned for Xmas 2020, successfully delivered and commissioned in April 2020: accelerated and completed – 8 months ahead of programme.

Stage 2: Decommission Platform 7 – planned for New Year 2020, successfully delivered in May 2020, including temporary re-feed of slow lines E&P and ETE (3rd rail): accelerated and successfully completed – 8 months ahead of programme.

Stage 3: E&P / ETE re feed slow lines (Final location), including open cut’ 7 road UTX – Planned for Week 51 – 2021 – Surveys accelerated to support Form B / AfC.

Stage 4: Decommission 1715Pts on Platform 5  and 7 line UTX to support re feeding the slow lines.

Stage 5: Re-instate 1715Pts in a new location to support platform extensions (re-located 55m to the country end). – Successfully delivered 39 – 2021

Stage 6: Final stage Commissioning – End State – March 2022.

OSL have successfully delivered (Commissioned stage 1, 2 & 3 – 8 months early including progressive assurance, surveys (including; Gauging, TOPOgraphical, Signalling – correlation and Tag & Trace), Design assurance (including; leading the Design Coordination Integration (DCI) and Interdisciplinary Design Checks (IDC) to ensure compliant Authorised for Construction (AfC) status). OSL are leading and supporting the extra issue of managing COV-ID19 restrictions and safe working practices. OSL and project partners are continually evaluating the project and ensure mitigation measures for every single activity are carefully risk assessed and are fully compliant with regulations on social distancing, as well as guidance by Build UK and Public Health England.

Grip 5 Detail Design to Grip 6-7: OSL will lead the transition from Detail Design GRIP 5 (Leading on from this ITT submission) and believe we have developed a matured plan to deliver the works in the allotted timescales through; GRIP 6-7 including close out of critical design integration and programme surety. Embedding Governance, Quality, assurance, and Right for the Job throughout Detail Design and integration into delivery GRIP6-7 including;

Governance: Process, Standards, Policy and Procedures
Leadership: Embedding culture and behaviours throughout workforce including front line delivery 

Assurance: Promotion of Right 1st time and progressive assurance for early status and close out 

Competence: OSL believe in Right for the job (Increased skilled competent: People, Plant & process) and drive a right 1st time – Culture: A key reason why we have such a high performing team is due to our organisational ‘collaborative’ culture where right first-time delivery is the norm, everyone adopts a ‘behavioural’ quality approach to mirror our behavioural safety and quality policy. This is achieved through induction, training, coaching and regular briefings to convey learning and benefits. 

The Challenge: The Gatwick Station Project (GSP) focuses on relieving congestion within the existing station concourse and providing additional capacity to the platforms that serve the Down Fast lines (Platforms 5 to 7) of the Brighton Mainline. These include provision of additional ‘step-free’ access and canopies. The scheme will deliver:

  • a new concourse above the existing fast line platforms between the two-GAL Bridges,
  • improved track functionality to support maintenance including a new re feeding arrangement
  • a widened Platform 5/6 to reduce overcrowding, (Including associated Rail Systems (this package) – This package
  • Re-aligned Track (S&C) layout with improved operational functionality including new E&P, new ETE arrangements and points heating
  • Re feed slow Lines E&P to support operational maintenance including 7 road open cut UTX
  • Signalling capacity functionality including re-lock increase capacity
  • End State layout is part of the Brighton Main Line. 
Key Commitment
OSL have a competent F1 style ‘pit stop’ style using ‘one-team’ integrating all supply chain ‘best for the job’ focussing on ‘engineering excellence’ and progressive assurance. We believe that this takes a culture change focussing on the ‘hearts and minds’ with through all levels to embed this ‘one team’ approach.  Delivery efficiencies: Increase delivery efficiency by introducing ‘right for job’ innovations to improve efficiencies ‘PIT STOP’ – Plant, People Competency – using bespoke teams.


Profile: The profile of the works meant that we had to effectively manage a range of different standards and processes to satisfy the multiple clients, which will be similar to the challenges faced between Network Rail and Gatwick Airport. OSL are leading the survey and design elements of this project and will be key members of the integrated project team for Gatwick.