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Date: 14 January 19
Categories: Power, Rail, Telecoms
Client: Ansaldo STS (Hiatchi)
Duration2017 - 2019

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Glasgow Subway Modernisation

SPT is investing £200 million in the upgrade of the existing subway system to provide driverless rolling stock and state of the art communications and control systems throughout the network.

In 2017, SPT awarded the contract to a Joint Venture of Stadler and Ansaldo to provide the new rolling stock and required infrastructure to enable the new trains to be operational by 2021. Stadler are providing the new rolling stock and Ansaldo are responsible for all other enabling works.

OSL is a long term strategic partner of Ansaldo and has a framework to undertake a variet of work across power, signalling and telecommunications equipment for the upgrade of the Glasgow subway.

The substantial upgrade to one of the world’s oldest underground metro systems will provide an economic boost to Scotland’s biggest city, linking to other transport infrastructure improvements across Glasgow and help contribute to the city’s regeneration.

Summary of Works

  • New HV / LV Power Supplies throughout network
  • Design / Manufacture and Install route-wide Switchgear
  • Installation of lineside CBTC system
  • Installation of Fibre and Waveguide system
  • Installation of CCTV at various Bus Depots and Control Room
  • Installation of network wide SISS system

The subway is much more than just a transport service. It holds huge meaning and we fully respect that we are custodians of this historic site.”