The ‘Eastrington Bug Hotel’ was built for the F2G project with the intention of joining areas of wildlife habitat, and enhancing an area of waste land, improving the local environment and creating a wildlife corridor where small mammals, rodents, birds and insects can move from area to area in relative safety.

A lectern was installed highlighting the plight of the willow tit which is in decline throughout Britain and in particularly the Humber estuary area, and the need to improve areas and create habitats suitable for all animals including the less noticeable insect and invertebrates which are also in decline, as well this will help to create a diverse ecologically sustainable environment for wildlife and improve biodiversity.

The F2G project with the support of its contractors planted 250 trees, installed an information lectern, built and populated a bug hotel and erected different types of bird and bat boxes. The whole area will be handed over to local school, these arrangements will be done by Network Rails community liaisons, with the intention of the school kids maintaining the area and using as a learning tool to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the environment and how if everyone leave a positive legacy not matter how small the effects can become monumental.

This shows how Clients, Principal Contractor and Contractors working together can and  should continue to be exploring how we can leave a positive environmental legacy with every project we undertake as ultimately what we leave behind will directly impact future generations. #PositiveChanges